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"I lost 14 pounds, gained more confidence and feel more energetic after my 6-month health coaching program with Seema. I felt that I was gently guided to make better food choices and to be more organized with food preparation which saves me a lot of time. I was encouraged to exercise, find joy in my daily life and and know what is important for me in my life! I feel and look at my best! Seema has helped me achieve more in the last 6 months than I would ever be able to achieve on my own."

Tara, USA

"I consulted Seema when my stress levels were over the roof! I wanted an exercise regime that was relaxing, yet gave me a good work-out. I could feel a great difference in my flexibility, balance, and posture. My energy levels increased and I was calmer after a few yoga and meditation sessions with Seema. Her traditional approach to yoga combined with her lovely personality helps me to find my balance in life. I look forward to the one hour yoga and meditation sessions weekly."

Mina, UK

After meeting Seema a few times, I wanted to look as vibrant and elegant as her. She has great skills with colors, make-up and styling. She helped me to update my make-up, educate me on the colors that looked best on me and gave me styling and accessorizing ideas for my body shape and height. My husband and friends think I have lost weight and look younger! I would definitely recommend working with her.

Becky, USA