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Did you know that Yoga is a skillful science to gain mastery over the mind? Yes, it is not primarily about the physical yogic postures, known as asanas, but the main goal is about disciplining and controlling the mind! It originates from the East, and comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yug’ meaning union. It is the joining of the individual self to the universal self. This means letting go of the ‘I’ or ‘me’ ego and seeing yourself as being a part of the vast universe, being interconnected to others and the divine.

Yoga will help you to enhance your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual personality. It works on all five layers of human existence known as Panch Koshas. At the physical level, Yoga helps you to relax your muscles. This further helps to increase flexibility, improve digestion, reduce stress and have deeper, slower breathing (amongst many other physical benefits). The deeper, slower breathing is linked to more oxygenation to all parts of your body, making your body energized and your mind more focused. When you have a balanced body and mind, willpower and creativity are increased at the mental level. This further helps to sharpen the intellect and calm the mind, causing less ‘drama’ in your life as you learn to be less reactive. You therefore have increased happiness, joy and bliss as you sees the positive in everyone and everything. You learn to live in the moment, with gratitude.

To practice Yoga, the most important prerequisite is to have an open mind! One needs to be humble enough to experience something new with a positive mindset. A classic Yoga class involves grounding and setting an intention, joint loosening exercises, warm ups, physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. Some involve universal starting and ending prayers in Sanskrit.

Meditation helps you to calm and silence your mind, cultivating an inward focus and awareness to experience your true nature of peace, happiness and bliss. By meditating regularly, you will experience many benefits. These include reduction in stress, enhanced immunity, increased focus and concentration, higher energy levels, living in the present moment, discovering your life purpose, increased unconditional love, compassion and a sense of oneness.

I strongly feel that a mind-body-soul approach is needed for overall wellbeing. I facilitate healthy, sustainable, behavior change by challenging you to develop your inner wisdom, find your motivation, identify your values and priorities, have a positive mindset, feel empowered, create enriching routines and transform your goals into actions. As a supportive mentor, I would like to motivate you to cultivate positive changes that are fun and holistic, yet simple enough to implement in your busy lifestyle, ultimately enjoying this journey! I also offer a FREE Yoga For Stress Management Guide!

Being a trained yoga instructor, I teach individuals and groups traditional yoga locally and virtually. I also do group meditation sessions.

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