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Feeling great, within and on the outside is a birthright for everyone! Nurturing yourself from within combined with finding your authentic way of dressing, putting on makeup to complement your features, and wearing your best colors can make you look and feel great, slimmer, younger and empowered! Your authentic style is not about following fashion trends that may not suit your body shape, profession or stage in life, but about finding your essence through your creative and unique style.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothes in your wardrobe, yet do not know what to wear? Have you got clothes with tags on that have never been worn? Was that garment on sale was a good investment for you? Do your clothes fit you well and make you feel like a million dollars? Does that color make you sparkle? Do those accessories complement your outfit and get heads turned? As an image consultant, I work alongside you to address your color, makeup and styling needs, by identifying your values and priorities. Furthermore, I help you to save money and time by educating you on the right styles and colors that are unique to your personality and lifestyle.

In our fast-paced life, looking and feeling your best should not be difficult, confusing or overwhelming. My focus is on educating and motivating you to dress your best by understanding your needs, budget, comfort, body shape and lifestyle. I help you to create your unique image through color, makeup and style.


Whether you are a novice or a fashionista, I can help you with:

  • Knowing your best colors for your physical features
  • Dress right for your personality
  • Overcoming having many items of clothing, but not knowing what to wear
  • Organizing work, exercise, home, party and special occasions garments
  • Save money and time by educating you on the right styles and colors that are unique to your personality and lifestyle
  • Working with your budget in mind
  • Having confidence to wear makeup in shades that suit you
  • Feeling connected to your authentic style of dressing
  • Looking slimmer
  • Looking younger with the right styles and colors
  • Being more creative with colors, styles and accessories
  • Forming your capsule wardrobe
  • Being empowered and confident, inside and out
  • Incorporating color therapy through your dressing
  • Being comfortable and confident in what you wear, without compromising the look
  • Learning how to wear black color without looking drained
  • Dressing for that special occasion
  • Finding the right accessories to complete an outfit
  • Ideas from transforming a work outfit into an evening outfit
  • Pregnancy wardrobe

Creativity and color has always been a part of my life since childhood. Having lived in Milan, Italy where fashion is prominent, I got inspired to go to London to study Color, makeup and styling with the prestigious Colour Me Beautiful image consultancy academy. While in Milan, I got the opportunity to participate in the 2012 charity fashion show at the Benvenuto Club of Milan. I was honored to be featured on the front cover and within the Colour Me Beautiful book (2014 UK edition).

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