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Being healthy is not just what comes on your plate, but also things off your plate like nurturing relationships, having a joyous career, doing enjoyable physical activity, having quality sleep and being calm. In our fast-paced life, being healthy should not be difficult, confusing or overwhelming. My focus is on educating and motivating you to add the good stuff in without depriving you of the little comforts in life. Life is for living, after all!

My training and experience in various fields over the years has enabled me to come up with a unique coaching approach which incorporates healthy plant-based foods, physical activity and movement, creativity, positive mindset, breathing techniques, nurturing relationships, expressing your authentic self, increasing awareness, focus and intuition, meditation and visualizations. I bring my skills from healthcare, holistic health and alternative therapies, color and styling, yoga and my passion for creative art to make you feel and look vibrant, confident and empowered, both on the outside and within.

A mind-body-soul approach is needed for overall wellbeing. As a health and wellness coach, I facilitate healthy, sustainable, behavior change by challenging you to develop your inner wisdom, find your motivation, identify your values and priorities, have a positive mindset, feel empowered, create enriching routines and transform your goals into actions. As a supportive mentor, I would like to motivate you to cultivate positive changes that are fun and holistic, yet simple enough to implement in your busy lifestyle, ultimately enjoying this journey!

You already instinctively know that you need to make a change – that is why you are here. You can make this positive change with the right mentoring and guidance. That is where I come in.

Here are some of the results that you can achieve:

  • Making confident choices with plant-based foods and drinks
  • Overcome your food cravings
  • Get get out of the overwhelm of how to prepare plant-based food on a budget or with limited time
  • Be guided on healthier food choices for your pantry, freezer and refrigerator
  • Confidently read food labels and know how to interpret them
  • Finding joyous movement and physical exercise that work for you
  • Feeling connected and grounded
  • Being more creative and letting your ideas flow
  • Feeling more energized
  • Being empowered and confident, inside and out!
  • Nurturing relationships that matter in your life
  • Having quality sleep
  • Being calm and being able to handle setbacks better
  • Learning to use your intuition for making better decisions
  • Connecting to your higher purpose in life

This is not for you if you do not:

  • Prioritize your health and wellbeing
  • Commit to making the suggested changes
  • Make time for upgrading your health and wellbeing

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