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Creativity and natural health have been passions of mine since childhood. I grew up in Kenya where natural, organic food from the local market and home remedies were ingrained into me from a young age. However, I was overweight as a child and had acne in my teens. The lotions, portions, antibiotics and other medications did not get rid of my acne. Surely, clean home-prepared meals could not be the answer to all health issues.

My family moved to UK and I went on to study dentistry. I saw the link between genetics, medical history, diet, lifestyle factors and oral hygiene to dental health, however given the same variables, some patients had healthier mouths than others. My quest for holistic knowledge lead me to study alternative therapies like holistic massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. This gave me the tools need to understand that the whole body is connected and one part affects the others. My love for healthy, nutritious plant-based food inspired me to train as a raw food chef in 2009.

A few years after getting married, my husband’s work led us to live in Italy. The art, culture, nature, fashion and cuisine ignited my creative passion to study color, makeup and styling with Colour Me Beautiful in London. I am featured inside and on the front cover of their book Colour Me Beautiful (2014 UK edition).

After returning to UK, I had my son by natural birth. He has diagnosed with eczema and multiple food and environmental allergies when he was a few months old. Much to my dismay, conventional health professionals could not satisfactorily guide me to the root causes for these health issues. To my disappointment, the petroleum-based ointments, steroid creams and antihistamines just masked the symptoms, only for them to reappear! I needed solutions to get rid of the health issues. This led me to take courses and learn how to make natural, chemical-free skincare products which helped with his eczema, but I still needed to help my son with his allergies. Simultaneously, I was struggling to lose my post-pregnancy weight, had mood swings and had very low energy levels. A transformative moment was when I learnt to apply principles of functional medicine and to avoid common food allergens. I found that dairy had a major part to play in my acne and that gluten adversely affects my energy levels. To my delight, my son is gradually growing out of his eczema and some of his food allergies, as I help to restore the health of his gut, strengthen his immunity and use other holistic methods.

After exploring various options, I studied to become a nutritional therapist, detox specialist and a holistic health coach. My love for yoga led me to become a yoga instructor. By applying the knowledge from these courses, I learnt that not only is the food that one eats that is important, but other things contribute to health and wellbeing. The mind-body-soul connection is the key to vibrant health and overall wellbeing.

My unique coaching approach incorporates healthy plant-based foods, physical activity and movement, creativity, positive mindset, breathing techniques, nurturing relationships, expressing your authentic self, increasing awareness, focus and intuition, meditation and visualizations. My clients gain a wealth of knowledge and transformation based on skills from healthcare, holistic health and alternative therapies, yoga and also from my passion for creative art. Nothing makes me happier than to make you feel healthier, happier and empowered, both on the outside and within.

Currently, I live in UK with my family.