Empowered Way To Health: A Mind-Body-Soul Approach

Did you know that children who feel empowered are better problem solvers, more resilient and are more willing to try new things? Did you know that in societies and cultures where women feel empowered, there is a positive ripple effect all the way from their families to a faster economic growth? Did you know that empowerment results best from a holistic mind-body-soul approach? Imagine what it would be like if every person in the world felt empowered, thrived to be their best and honored others around them? You do not have imagine this, you can make a positive impact, right here, right now! Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

Being empowered means feeling in control of your own life, yet giving freedom to others around you to be their authentic selves. It is a feeling of positivity that enriches your life by motivating you to be your best version. Yes, YOUR best version, not a competition or a comparison with others. Being empowered enhances self-worth, self-confidence and self-expression. This can only happen if your thoughts, words and actions are in tune with your core beliefs and values – your soul or higher essence.

Below are 9 holistic approaches to make each and every day in your life feel magically empowered:


Feeling and expressing gratitude comes from a place of appreciation, love and compassion. These high vibrational feelings empower you by having a positive outlook in life. Express gratitude to yourself first, for being uniquely you. The universe would not be complete without your presence! Then extend this gratitude out. We are all part of the vast universe and interconnected. Today, I express gratitude for enjoying moments with my son outdoors. What are you grateful for today?


Does being on a beach, in a forest, on a mountain or another place of natural beauty make you feel serene and connected to nature? Do you feel grounded and connected to the earth? What about being around people that you love and cherish being around? Places and people that that elevate you empower you! Detox your life from negative people and surroundings. Up-level your choices in life from being more ecologically conscious, reading and watching things that add value to your life to surrounding yourself with people and things you love. Does it make you feel empowered or positive? If not, it may be time to reconsider, let it go or learn to see the positive in it! I have made a conscious decision to see the good in everyone and every situation, even if it feels negative at that moment, as every experience in life is a platform to learn and to develop into your best version. What makes you feel connected?


The empowerment that is felt when one expresses themselves authentically is unparalleled to anything. We are all unique and have our own life path and message. Express yourself through your voice, art, writing, dance, music, cooking or any other creative way. Let your creativity flow to empower yourself by expressing your thoughts and feelings without holding back on anything that makes a positive impact. Journaling your thoughts and emotions first thing in the morning can help to surface subconscious beliefs and to explore more about yourself. The first step to make an informed change is awareness! Your creativity can impact others and empower them too. I love to paint and express my world of creativity through vibrant, bold colors. How do you express your creative nature?


Movement of any form can be empowering. For some, kick-boxing can help to feel empowered. For others, Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help with harmonious flow in life. Yet, others are energized with walks in nature. Yoga is my go-to physical activity to feel empowered and ready to face the day. I feel especially empowered with the warrior I, warrior II and the bow poses when doing my yoga practice, all of which positively impact the solar plexus chakra at the navel level. What form of physical activity makes you feel empowered? Make it a point to give yourself the gift of living an empowered life each and every day by doing this activity, even if it for a few minutes.


Acts of self-care come from feeling worthy and having self-love. To be able to give to others, one must be able to receive first. When you care for yourself, you can then express this to others. When a cup is empty, one cannot give to others. First fill your own cup with empowered self-care so that your higher vibrations and energy can in turn empower and enrich the lives of others. Examples of self-care are physical exercise, reading a good book, having a relaxing bath, having a massage or simply a nap. It is also about consciously eating real food that nourishes the mind, body and soul. It is about having a sacred space and time to nourish you. Learn when to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes.’ Anything that goes against your core values and beliefs should be a ‘no.’ Say ‘yes’ only if you can commit to something 100%, giving it your all. Reconsider if it is a half-hearted ‘yes.’ High self-worth and self-respect inspires others and you have more to give from an overflowing cup! I enjoy my own space by reading a good book and having a cup of herbal tea. How do you practice self-care?


Over the years, we adopt and adapt to beliefs that are not ours. They stem from others, sometimes passed down from one generation to another. We know when something is not in tune with our true nature when we ask deep questions and sometimes cannot see the sense in blindly following some of these ideas. The limiting beliefs and blocks that we gather over time can impact all areas of our lives. Some examples of the empowering affirmations and mantras are: ‘I am enough,’ ‘ I have the power to make a change anytime I want,’ ‘I love my self unconditionally,’ ‘I am worthy,’ and ‘I am abundant in each and every area of my life.’ Speaking out an affirmation multiple times daily, especially in front of a mirror, looking at your reflection eye to eye can be a wonderful way of getting it in your subconscious mind to override any limiting beliefs and blocks over time. I choose to feel empowered every moment of my life. What is your empowering affirmation for the day?


There are many forms of meditation from being mindful of our actions, focusing the mind on a thought, quieting the mind, walking meditation and sound meditations to name a few. The focus is to gain clarity and increase self-awareness through strengthening one’s personality. Meditation also helps to increase intuition and make empowered decisions, making choices based on the ‘gut feeling’ rather than logical decisions that may be conditioned with our conditioned beliefs over time. Making these empowered decisions coming from our internal guide strengthen us over time by being  aware of our needs in tune with our true essence and purpose.


A prayer is anything where you surrender to something higher than yourself with faith. It could be for the purpose of making a request, a wish, expressing thanks or asking for help. The mere fact of praying to a higher entity calls for humility, a quality needed for being empowered. Yes, being empowered is about knowing when to ask for help and having faith. It is about letting go of ego and expressing gratitude with unconditional love to the divine. It is an expression of hope and knowing that you can feel supported. Do you pray? How does that make you feel?


Have you noticed that the people who dress creatively may get raised eyebrows, but it usually comes from a place of feeling empowered and expressing themselves creatively. A person who follows the crowd and trends in fashion may be trying to fit in and conform to society. Be comfortable in your own skin and feel empowered within, but express externally what resonates with you in terms of what you wear. You may have to adhere to workwear or a uniform. However, what about your choice of clothes during your personal time? Dress your authentic style, feeling empowered to be you. Colour can be very healing. Yellow colour is associated with the solar plexus and is an empowering colour. You can use accessories to add interest to an outfit. Body language and verbal communication count too. Hold your head high, chest open and an upright posture. Shake hands feeling empowered. Speak authentically with conviction. The mind, body and soul and connected. Changing one impacts the other. I like wearing bold, bright colours as I love expressing myself through the world of colours. I often combine ethnic accessories with clothes and experiment with different looks. This is an extension of my creative expression, in tune with my authentic nature. How do you dare to dress authentically to feel empowered?

Now let us toast to an empowered you! May each and every day enhance your life and that of others.

Seema Shah has worked in healthcare for over a decade as a clinician in UK. Her interest in holistic health made her explore various fields over the years, and has enabled her to come up with a unique plant-based holistic health coaching approach. She trained as a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2009, she trained an a raw food chef. Furthermore, her passion for yoga and meditation led her to train as a yoga instructor. Seema also loves to inspire and educate people to use essential oils for their health and wellbeing. In her spare time, Seema loves to express her creativity through the world of colours by painting, which she finds therapeutic.